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Ever tried playing a game of football without a referee?
It's difficult, right...?

Referees play a crucial role in helping football take place. From local grassroots football played in a park on a Sunday morning right through to the FA Cup Final at Wembley, every football match needs a referee.

That's why here at im电竞app官方网站 we are dedicated to producing, supporting and developing a highly motivated and immense talented network of FA qualified referees.

We work hard to provide a wide range of opportunities and support to the 500+ registered referees officiating across the county already, and encourage those looking to get into refereeing for the first time. If you want to start your refereeing journey - see the information below on how to start.

The welfare of all our referees is of paramount importance to im电竞app官方网站. If you are a referee or have concerns about the welfare of a referee and wish to report any safeguarding concerns please get in touch with im电竞app官方网站 via;

Email or call 0191 270 700. Alternatively the following organisations will help:

CPSU (Child Protection in Sport Unit)


CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre)

NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children)

Sporting Chance Clinic

Please remember if a child or young person is in immediate danger then ALWAYS call 999.

You can also contact our Referee Mental Health Champion Darren McCall by emailing    

Darren champions the importance of mental wellbeing, encourages conversation and acts as a point of contact for any match officials aged 18 or over experiencing mental health problems, helping to signpost towards professional support services if required. Please read more about Darren here .

For information and support, contact our Referee Development Officer Matt Sowerby on matt.sowerby  or mobile 07458 043676

Thinking of becoming a referee?

  • Refereeing is a great way to be involved in football
  • There are opportunities for everyone
  • Remain active in the game following injury or retirement
  • Make new and lasting friends within the game
  • Play a huge role in ensuring the players enjoy their match day experience



1. Contact our Referee Development Officer

Get in touch with our Referee Development Officer Matt Sowerby, who will talk you through the process of becoming qualified. He can advise you when our next courses will be held.

Email him at:

  2. Book onto a course

Click the link below to check when our next courses will run, or speak to Matt.

3. Pre-Course Preparation

Prior to the course there are steps to take to ensure that you can referee straight after the course:

• Obtain an FA DBS check (if over 16)

• Complete the online  FA Safeguarding Children Course

• Complete the  online Laws of The Game Module

• Look into buying appropriate kit

• If U18 ensure that a parent / guardian has created a FAN and you have been linked together using

4. Attend Course

Enjoy the course, ask questions of our experience and knowledgeable and mix with other trainee referees.

5. Mentoring (primarily for U18s in Youth Leagues but available to all)

Through working with your league the Referee Secretary will try and arrange a day where you will be observed by a Mentor and give you feedback on your performance. Ideally this will be at a central venue, where there will be multiple newly qualified referees. This is not an assessment and is solely for your development purposes. This is also an opportunity to ask any questions which you have of the Mentor in person.

6. Training Games

In order to become fully qualified Trainee Referees must complete five training games. We will seek feedback from your league and promote you to being a fully qualified ‘Youth’ Referee if Under 16 or Level 7 if 16 or over.

7. Graduation

You may be invited to a Graduation Webinar, where we will explore information which has been provided on the Training Game Form and seek to offer advice and guidance around any questions or challenges faced. We will also share information around the Promotions Scheme, Referee Associations and Development Opportunities.

A helping Hand

FA Core

Our referees are recruited, trained and examined to enable a smooth grassroots operation.  As they gain experience further opportunities are provided to aid their development and progression.  This is provided through our County FA Core and National FA Core programmes.