Volunteers kick off your season


volunteers are the foundation of grassroots football

Without the time, dedication and commitment that volunteers demonstrate each and every week across our county, clubs and leagues would simply not exist.
A club or league is about more than just the players on the pitch. Volunteers really make football happen and help to create the next generation of footballers.
It’s usually the case that a few people at a club do a lot of the work – If you’re in this position it can often feel overwhelming. There are loads of reasons to volunteer too and recruiting new volunteers with the right skills to help out can be a significant help.

Volunteers are always welcome within the football community here in Northumberland. 

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Volunteer roles

There are lots of different roles required to run a football club, from physical roles such as coach, to behind the scenes roles such as secretary.

Below are some of the roles that you can get involved in and a brief explanation of their responsibilities.
Volunteers kick off your season
Safeguarding and Welfare


Whatever your involvement in football, you have a responsibility to make our game as safe and enjoyable as possible for everyone.

This is particularly true if your role as a volunteer involves working or being with children and young people under the age of 18.

Find out how The FA and the im电竞app官方网站 manages safeguarding nationally and locally. You’ll also find detailed information on the game’s safeguarding strategy, and how it applies to you.


Raising Awareness

Criminal Records Checks